Ofsted’s Early Years Directorate is responsible for the registration and inspection of all childminders.

In addition Wendy's House has its own comprehensive set of policies and procedures which serve to explain all aspects of our childcare practice.

These include policies covering equal opportunities, special needs, health and safety, settling-in, complaints, behaviour, mealtime, child protection, what to bring, holidays, fees, sick and infectious children, confidentiality and working in partnership with parents/carers.

Please note, I do not take children for immunisations. Children can be collected. However following immunisation, the child should only return the next day, as they need to be monitored for side effects.

Wendy's House also has to comply with all Health and Safety and Fire Prevention requirements. Our premises have been fully risk-assessed and these assessments are continually reviewed to ensure that measures taken to reduce risks are as good as possible.

Below is a small summary overview of our policies.
  • Parents/ Families Partnership
    The role of professional registered childminder involves sharing the responsibilities for the upbringing of a child with parents & their families. My care of their child will be in harmony with the values, practices and wishes of the parents. All observations and assessments of the child’s development and progress will be shared with the parents to ensure continuity of care between the families and the childminding setting.

  • Settling in Period
    The first two weeks of a child's care at Wendy's House is considered to be a trial period during which both parties can decide whether the environment is appropriate for the child. During this period the parent or myself may terminate the agreement without notice, if during that time either party feels that the arrangement is not fulfilling their needs. After the trial period is complete, four weeks' written notice is required by either party to terminate the agreement.

  • Equal Opportunity
    Each child in my care is treated as an individual and are given an equal chance to learn and develop, regardless of age, stage of development or need, sex or race, religion or disability. This is with consideration of their needs and the full cooperation of the parents.

  • Behaviour Management
    As a professional childminder, I practice behaviour management without the use of physical punishment (as per the OFSTED guidelines). I give clear and consistent boundaries for all the children, giving praise and encouragement for good behaviour, and distracting them or explaining the reasons why something is not allowed (depending on age and understanding). If they persist then they are given “time out” with an activity in close proximity to myself. Negative (swearing, and discriminatory remarks) language in my home or outside is not acceptable.

  • Accidents and Emergencies
    In the event of an emergency involving a minded child, I will contact the parents/guardians to alert them of the situation. In the event of the parents not being contactable and the child needed to be taken to hospital/doctor, I will take the child myself as well as any other children that are in my care at the time. I would ring all the parents/guardians of all the children in my care ASAP to let them know what is happening and give them the option of collecting their children if they wished. This policy also can be used for any unforeseen illness or accident occurring to myself. In a very serious emergency, the emergency services will always be contacted first and the parents/guardians will be contacted as soon as possible after that.

  • Fire Safety
    In the case of Fire in the home, everyone in the house will be evacuated, via the nearest available exit to a safe location at the front of the property. NO ONE will return to the property at anytime for any reason. Fire drills will be practiced once a month so the children become familiar with the procedure. I also include from time to time a fire safety activity session, which heightens the children’s awareness of safety. Wendy's House complies with all fire prevention equipment requirements.

  • Child Protection & Confidentiality
    Information about children and their families will not be shared without the permission of the family. Exception to this would be in the case of suspected child abuse. In these circumstances the correct procedure will be followed, and the relevant information passed only to the appropriate professional personnel and their agencies. I have a duty to report any incidents which give cause for concern to the relevant authorities, as the welfare of the child is paramount.

  • Non-collection of child
    If a child is not collected within a reasonable amount of time after the arranged pick-up time and I have not received contact from the parent/guardian informing me of a revised pick-up time, I shall use the following procedure: firstly, I shall contact the named person/people on the child's emergency contact list to try to arrange collection. If I cannot arrange for the child to be collected, I will contact social services and inform them of the situation. I will remain with and care for the child until the situation is resolved.

  • Sickness Policy
    It isn't possible to take care of a child who is ill since it may affect the other children in my care. This doesn’t include light colds and coughs as long as the child is happy to be in my care. If your child becomes ill while in my care I will expect you to collect your child as soon as you possibly can. Please do not bring your child if they are suffering from the following symptoms/illnesses:
    • High temperature/fever
    • Sickness and/or Diarrhoea. Please leave at least 24 hours from the last bout of sickness/diarrhoea before bringing your child to me.
    • Very heavy cold or continuous chesty cough
    • Conjunctivitis
    • Tonsillitis
    • Ear infection (causing pain and upset)
    • Head lice

  • Administration of Medicines
    If medication needs to be administered to a child in my care, I am required by the National Standards to have written consent to do so. The dosage and frequency must be included in this. I have a separate medication form which will be filled in and signed by myself and witnessed by the parent.
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